25 Delicious Things To Cook In March For Nigerians

25 Delicious Things To Cook In March For Nigerians.

Holla, okay Its Nigerian Time. We are in the month of march. and based on several and considerable occasions, I have clearly and vividly written this article for you.

You might be wondering what can I be possibly cook this month. Wonder no more, as I have helped you wondered the wonders.

Here Are the List Follow Me.

1. Jollof Rice: Yes yes, I know you are saying it’s the first thing I was gonna write. But you can’t deny it. It’s great this month. as we all know consists of  long-grain parboiled rice, tomatoes, peppers, and a blend of spices, cooked to perfection for a flavorful meal.

I wonder some persons, don’t even have a taste for jollof rice. so sorry I won’t be able to mention names. Ahha.

2. Egusi Soup: Ehn, don’t really fancy this, except its rich and hearty. and I mean consisting of those things. Assorted meats, and vegetables, bursting with flavor. Emphasis on the “Assorted meats” please.

3. Fried Plantains: Dodo. That’s another name for my personal person. Sweet and Sweet, fried plantains goes together with a delightful snack or side dish, perfect for any meal. You see that side dish. that’s the one.

4. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup: As long it’s Pounded yam forget it. Its great. I say no more. This period just try it.

5. Pepper Soup: A spicy and aromatic water and pepper, (laughs gloriously )made with assorted meats, peppers, and traditional spices, perfect for warming up on cooler days. Cooler days or Hoters day. I don’t mind.

6. Akara: Ohh! Akara. Bean cake right. It’s good to spend and enjoy Life. But this month of march. this will do. just join with Pap.(Akamu)

7. Moi Moi: Sister to Akara. No much stories.

8. Suya: You should not be cooking yourself every time. and you can if have the time. If not, go out there and eat suya.

9. Afang Soup: A delicious soup made with afang leaves, assorted meats, and traditional spices, popular in the southern regions. You should see me when I cook this. You can give me your Future after tasting it.

At least I have written on what you already know. from here downward, I’ll just be listing

10. Ofada Rice and Ayamase Stew

11. Boli (Roasted Plantains)

12. Efo Riro

13. Nigerian Fried Rice

14. Akamu (Pap)

15. Abacha (African Salad)

16. Oha Soup

17. Yam Porridge

18. Kilishi

19. Boiled Corn and Coconut

20. Banga Soup

21. Nigerian Shawarma

22. Gizdodo

23. Yam and Fish Pepper Soup

24. Nkwobi

25. Coconut Rice

So these are my proposed 25 Delicious Things To Cook In March For Nigerians.. So what’s your take on this? Feel free and drop your comments. This is Namylink

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