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How to Read People Through Their Eye Movements

Understanding people through how they move their eyes is an important skill to have. In psychology, they call it “eye language.” The eyes can tell many things about how a person feels or what they think. I do not study this, but I know I have this skill.

It’s weird right, but given so many scenarios, have read people through theirs, and at the end, I read correctly. So I would be writing on this with my experience, and also a little bit of research.

Let’s first talk about the different ways people move their eyes:

1. Saccades: This is a quick movement the eyes make when they jump from one thing to another. It can mean that the person is interested or curious about what’s around them.

2. Fixations: This happens when the eyes focus on one thing. It can mean that they are paying attention or thinking deeply about what they’re looking at.

3. Pupil Dilation: The size of a person’s eye can change based on how they feel. For example, if they are interested or like something, their eyes may open wide. But if they fear or feel stress, their eyes may reduce.

4. Eye Contact: How a person looks at you in the eye can show if they understand what they’re talking about, if they’re comfortable, or if they’re hiding something.

5. Blinking: How a person blinks can show how they feel. Rapid blinking may mean that they’re afraid or nervous, while slow blinking may mean that they’re calm.

Now, let’s talk about how we can understand what people are saying through their eye movements:

1. Direction of Gaze: If a person looks at something or someone, it may mean that they’re interested in what they’re looking at. But if they look away or can’t look you in the eye, it may mean that they’re not comfortable or they’re hiding something. I mean sometimes, I ask someone a question and the moment they starts to look. I most times know what I already asked.

2. Pupil Dilation: If a person’s eyes open wide when they look at you, it may mean that they like you or they’re interested in what you’re saying. But if their eyes are small, it may mean that they’re not comfortable or they’re not interested.

3. Blinking Patterns: If a person blinks too much and too fast, it may mean that they’re afraid or worried. But if they blink slowly, it may mean that they’re calm and they’re okay.

4. Eye Contact: If a person looks you in the eye well, it may mean that they understand what they’re talking about or they’re honest. But if they can’t look you in the eye, it may mean that they’re hiding something or they’re shy.

By paying attention to how people move their eyes, we can understand what’s on their mind, and this can help us to understand and relate with them better in different situations.

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